Featured Film: Free Play

Coming 2023

Free Play is a documentary highlighting how a mother’s perseverance in the face of adversity led to the creation of Middle Tennessee’s largest all inclusive playground. In a way to pay tribute to her late daughter Tabitha, Karen West spearheaded the creation of the Gallatin Miracle park. The park has several features that cater specifically to children with physical and mental disabilities. As Karen describes, these interactions lead to long lasting friendships between children of all abilities. The physical exercise that these children receive from the playground translates into other aspects of their life as they gain a sense of independence and freedom to do anything they put their mind to. 

Through talking to other parents of children with special needs and specialists in the field, Free Play is a documentary that shows how inclusive parks bring about a sense of community and belonging to the special needs community. At the same time, the film shows the touching story of how Karen manages to memorialize her daughter through her commitment to bettering the playground space. 

Our film is currently in the post-production stages of development. We are fundraising with our partners at Southern Documentary Fund to help pay for our future expenses as we submit to film festivals across the globe. We also aim to create an impact within the disability community with the distribution of our film. All those who donate will receive a special mention in the credits of the film. Please click the link below to donate and help bring Free Play to the masses!  

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Unbreakable (2022)

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Underdogs (2021)

At the California Men’s Colony in Central California, a special connection forms between dogs and their inmate handlers who train them to become fully operational service animals. 

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Trial By Fire (2018)

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