Embracing A New Perspective


Blu Star Productions serves to give a voice to artists across the disability spectrum. In creating unique opportunities for creators our exceptional artists, Blu Star Productions will foster content unlike anything seen before. From screenplays to feature length documentaries, our community of creators will thrive in showcasing their unique perspectives on the world through their lens.



Unbreakable (2022)

Trial By Fire (2018)

Diversity through INclusion


From highlighting the perseverance and passion of the incarcerated community to showcasing the talents of a doctor living with polio, our work defies conventional-just like our creators do. 

We aim to continue to build a catalogue of work that stretches the boundaries. By utilizing our resources to support our network of gifted creators, audiences will be spellbound by the artistry found in the Blu Star portfolio of work. 

Unity through community


Above everything, we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for disabled artists to collaborate and learn from each other. Regardless of race, gender, and religion, we are united through our belief that accessibility takes center stage. More over, we hope that our community develop lifelong connections by being a part of the Blu Star Productions family. Having harmony among artists who don’t fit into any “box” makes the possibilities endless. 


Underdogs (2021)